Building a culture of fitness in your workplace

November 4, 2018

Building a culture of fitness in the workplace 

First of all, lets start with the benefits for having a workplace fitness culture. The first is a simple one. 

Ease access

An onsite fitness centre for your employees makes it easy for them to access high quality fitness facilities and services, enabling them to synchronise it with their working day, cutting down in time for travel and going them more time to train and get ready for the day.


With the right dose of exercise, employees will be more productive at work, one of the reasons for this is the increased blood supply to the brain. It also encourages the mitochondria which are like the energy banks which in turn increase ATP, your energy currency, the more mitochondria within the cells, the more energy, so keep training people and be productive power houses!

Its viral 

Once we start training together, it engages people socially at a whole different level, it helps bond relationships.  Training as a group can help mentally as well as physically, a recent study ( showed a 26% reduction in perceived stress levels. We believe that fitness is a lifestyle and once people are seeing and feeling results, either mentally or physically they will talk about it to friends. 

These 3 aspects are just the start of the benefits, its important to remember that everyone has their won reasons to exercise, but it's usually to feel positive and be better in some way, thats a good thing right? 

Some key ingredients


To help push the project forward its always good to have a dedicated champion or two that are passionate about helping others around them succeed? Doesn’t have to be a fitness superstar or an athlete, just someone that is excited about the project. Know someone? Is it you? 


Create a schedule to train as a group and stick to it. People that diarise their workouts are more likely to persist with their programmes. It could be simple as using an online calendar or you could introduce a system that people can book on and reserve their slot. Set reminders and pack your kit to take your fitness to the next level. 


Get the excitement in the office supercharged with a challenge for your team, it could be a simple movement challenge or obstacle course race. It’ll bring the team together and will give the team a reason to train. Check out sites like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or Rat Races for some motivation. Why not film the whole process and make it part of your human resources and marketing collateral, it’ll help you hire the best talent and retain the high calibre employees. 

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