Ten top bits of kit for your workplace gym

October 27, 2017

Creating a workplace gym can improve overall wellbeing and fitness of your employees, resulting in increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and presentism. Below are 10 pieces of equipment that we feel will work wonders for your corporate gym

1.Indoor Cycle

An excellent example of indoor cycles on the market at the moment has to be the iC8 by Lifefitness, its freewheel drivetrain system with magnetic resistance is extremely smooth, reliable and provides extremely detailed information about the users power output up to 3800 watts. Include the virtual ride solution into this and your employees could be cycling the alps during their lunch hour!

Indoor exercise bike

2. Yoga Mats

A high quality yoga mat can help employees find a bit of escapism during their breaks by completing a set of yoga poses or simple stretches that lengthen those tight fascial lines and muscles. The Corki-Yoga mat is a premium mat that has great grip due to the cork layer on top.

Yoga Mats

3. Jungle Gym XT

Suspension training is another tool that is low cost but big bang for your buck, the Jungle Gym XT offers almost unlimited exercise options and can help the user with mobility, cardio, core,  strength, endurance and stability. Easy to hang over the door or a dedicated wall anchor.

Jungle Gym XT

4. Myzone Belt

The MZ-3 is a heart rate belt that packs a punch. A Fantastic tool for not inly motivating yourself but also your entire workforce. The ability to have challenges between your team, but also against yourself makes this a brilliant piece to integrate into your wellbeing strategy.

Myzone Belt

5. Foam Rollers 

Foam rollers are a fantastic low cost tool to help you improve your posture, flexibility and mobility. They aid self- mysofascial release by rolling over collagen fibres that have knotted together over time. The working day can make your body tight especially if sitting for prolonged periods, so using one of these can help you move better.

6. Training Wall

Having the ability to open up space in your corporate gym is a huge plus, especially when office real estate is of a premium. The Training Wall provides multiple exercise options and help with storage too. The ability for a user to be able to change the equipment by themselves and vary their workout will help them stay motivated and excited for each session.

Training wall

7. Free-weights

Strength training is becoming ever more popular, having access to free-weights is a great bonus for the millennial exerciser and with the help of modern technology and professional guidance, the employee will gain strength and confidence in the gym. The Vaseven dumbbell has multiple sized grip options that rotate on on the shaft to help move with the movement, creating less stress on the joints. They can also be bespoked on the end caps making this a very functional yet beautifully designed dumbbell.

Branded Free weights

8. WaterRower

Rowing is a great exercise for the total body improving the cardiovascular systems and can help build endurance. The Waterrower has a beautiful mechanism that uses water to provide the resistance, which sounds just as good as it looks. With a variety of wooden and metal finishes, the WaterRower can be introduced into any office space.

Water rower

9. Treadmill

There are plenty of options for treadmills but if your company is fast paced, you might like to look at the Lifefitness Integrity SC treadmill as it is an incredible robust piece of machinery that has an easy to use console, stylish design and excellent safety features. Employees in a rush can simply get on and go, easily without any fuss.


10. Boxing bag

Ttaking out the frustration of the working day is better on the bag than a colleague, so here is one piece of kit that helps you relieve stress and gives a great workout. The Aqua Bag is filled with water and hangs from a rig or heavy beam. Its comes in a variety of colours making it a stand out piece in your gym, add a bit of colour spot lighting and you’ll have your very own boutique boxing space.

Aqua bag

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