Gym Equipment Leasing for Workplace Wellness

June 10, 2019

Finance Partnership

Reinvent Lifestyle have teamed up with the largest independent finance house to offer a range of highly competitive leasing packages. Choosing to lease through us gives you access to the latest equipment and technology without the initial capital expenditure. There are numerous benefits of leasing which includes the ability to choose the product you deserve, spreading the cost allows you to have access to a higher standard of equipment.

Benefits of leasing Include

Purchasing Power

Leasing allows you to acquire more and/or higher end equipment

Proven Option

There is a reason why everyone of the FTSE 100 companies lease, it makes financial sense.

Upgrade Equipment

Leasing allows you to keep pace with up to date equipment/technology. You can upgrade or add equipment to ever changing needs.

Fixed Costs

Leasing costs are fixed through the term. This allows for effective budgeting.

Tax benefits

Leasing offers the option of deducting 100% of the leasing payments as a business expense.

Reinvent Lifestyle Corporate Limited authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA), our registration number is 807596

*Equipment in main image is Lifefitness - Cybex R-Series Range

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