Implementing SmartFit Into Cognitive Motor Training into your Rehab Facility

March 27, 2019

We are the UK partner for SmartFit in the Uk, something we are really excited about, the technology is amazing and something that could really benefit your facility. Cathi Lamberti and the team have put together a brilliant piece below to help with incorporating it into the your business.

SMARTfit Cognitive Motor Training is an Interactive technology that merges cognitive and fitness training with gameplay providing a fun and engaging multifunctional fitness and sports training workout for SGT, and Group X for all ages.

This Guide is intended to assist you in understanding what it will take to achieve the highest level of success with your proposed interactive program, and ensure it meets your needs. It will also alert you to potential pitfalls and help to prevent them.

First Step – Questions to consider.

SMARTfit Android/iOS User Interface and Data collection (using

customer’s choice of device):

  • Are you interested in tracking client/patient data? Describe what you have in mind.

SMARTfit can be programmed to work for general play gathering no data, for specific programming for each client/patient, and in the near future, for tracking individual performances of each member of a group.



  • Are you interested in following pre-programmed activities and programs or do you prefer to design your own program for each client/patient?

SMARTfit allows you to do both and select which ones you want to apply to each patient/client.


  • Do you want the data to be accessed by more than one trainer/therapist?

SMARTfit allows each trainer/therapist to maintain their clients’ data on their own device or, if the rules require strict security of the data, the system can be set to only communicate with one identified tablet/device.


  • Do you want to take client/patient baseline tests and track progress over time?

SMARTfit programming allows you to design your own activities and lock in both the selection of targets as well as the sequence of targets so that you can capture a baseline, save it by client, and then re-run the identical program in the future in order to capture progress.


Physical location:

  • Who is going to be using the system and what do you want to achieve with the programming?



  • Will sports or sports rehab training be part of your program?

Some systems are geared toward cognitive motor rehab and others offer a range of benefits including the use of sports equipment.


  • What space do you have available and will it be dedicated to the program or placed in a shared location?

Systems installed in a fixed location on a wall works well for areas with limited space as well as for multipurpose spaces, taking up very little space when not in use. Others require a dedicated footprint to make them portable. It is good to take a picture of the space and wall against which it will be located and identify a power source within ten feet. If you plan to install the system on a wall, identify what kind of wall it is (concrete, block or stud).


  • Do you have the staffing to effectively manage the program or will the space be unsupervised? Successful programs include a commitment to facility staffing, their training and ensuring access to continuing education. This is critical to ensuring continuation of the program if there is staff turnover. There are more questions later in the “Programs” section of this guide that may be of further assistance.


  • What demographic groups would be using your SMARTfit programs, and how many participants would you plan for at any one time?

The anticipated number of participants will have an effect on the space you need as well as the system that will suite you best.


  • What kind of return are you looking for on your investment and how do you intend to achieve it?

The addition of a SMARTfit program will naturally attract the attention of everyone from existing and prospective clients/patients to the media. Whether you are a forprofit or nonprofit facility or community center, your ROI will therefore begin with increased programs you offer and the increased retention of clients as they have fun and discover how they can measure and validate their improvement.

  • Are you looking for secondary income opportunities such as classes, seasonal camps, special events, corporate team building, and parties?

You may also find that the economies of scale associated with products designed for group programming can offer a larger and quicker return on investment.


Are you interested in the small group training, large group programs or products designed primarily for individual use?


Are you interested in “real” or “simulated” interactive training?

Real touch vs VR/AR?

It pays to understand your options. Some interactive options simulate activity, so you’re moving, but you don’t actually make physical contact with the system while SMARTfit focuses on training that includes full contact with the system using real training equipment thus developing proprioception, training to apply appropriate touch as well as true accuracy when training and measuring the cognitive motor interaction. “Real touch” has proven itself to be fun and motivating while also offering a more direct transition to a reallife activity such as sports, dancing, martial arts, or biking.


  • What is your budget and where would the funds come from ‐ existing budget, donations, capital campaign, financing, grants?

It would help to know what your out-of-pocket monthly budget and how soon you would like to see that expense covered with new income. You may already have a fixed budget, or you may have some flexibility based on the options you discover in your search for the optimal solution for your facility.


Step Two: Let’s look at your current situation in more detail and use that information to assist in formulating a plan for your proposed interactive programs.

Users and Programs: Identifying synergies between your existing and target clientele and your proposed new interactive programs.

  • How many people are currently in your programs for the following age and user demographics:
  • Early Childhood Education (1‐5)  
  • Early Elementary (5‐7)  
  • Later Elementary (8‐10)  
  • Middle School (11‐13)  
  • High School (14‐18)  
  • Adults  
  • Seniors  
  • Families  
  • Special Education  
  • Sports Training  
  • Sports Competition  
  • Aerobics, Spinning, other Group Training  
  • Pilates & Yoga  
  • Corporate Fitness & Teambuilding  

  • Are your programs that you are currently offering weighted by percentage?

  • One-to-One Patient/therapist (Trainer/client) ratio:

  • Small Group Training

  • Large Group Training

  • Special Events

  • What kind of programs are you currently offering?

  • Therapy/personal training

  • Wellness

  • Small Group Training (SGT)

  • Large Group Training

  • Competitions

  • Do you accept private insurance or charge a fee for service for your programs?

Facility requirements: Surveying your facility to determine the best spaces in which to offer your new programs.

  • What spaces do you have (e.g. racquetball courts, multipurpose rooms) that are not being utilized effectively?


  • What spaces are you considering if in a shared space?


  • Do you envision the space allocated to be dedicated or part of a multipurpose activity area?

Determining the best solution to meet your needs, and consulting with and/or selling your conclusions to other decision makers

It’s easy to get caught up in the wizardry and appeal of technology‐based interactive products, but it is important to ask the right questions in order to come up with the best solutions for both the short and long run.

  • Are you considering products and programs with a proven track record of sustained use over time?  

  • Do you plan for a permanent installation or for portable use?


  • If you require portable use of the equipment, will this be at the same location or multiple locations and how often will the equipment be moved?


  • If you have multiple preferences, which choice above is the most important?


  • Have you asked for a video conference demonstration or to visit a site for a demonstration?

We suggest you start with a video conference where we can speak directly with you and your team and demonstrate how the systems will work for you doing what you want them to do. Some systems may be cumbersome to get to your site, but there may be installed sites relatively close to you which you can visit. A professional development day or staff meeting may be a great time for this for either a video conference or an on-site demonstration.

  • Have you asked what kind of programs come with the SMARTfit systems that will suit your needs and what kind of training comes with those programs?  

Which products and programs stand out in this respect?

Easy access to training and programming can make a huge difference to the success of your interactive program. Check out our on-line video training programs.

  • Have you asked for references? The best companies will put you in touch with others who are running successful programs.

  • Have you spoken with others in your organization who will be involved in making this decision? What kind of questions/concerns do you think they might have? Your representative should be available to assist with any presentations you need to make in order to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Making the budget fit the Solution

  • Does your ideal solution fit within your budget and meet your ROI needs?

  • Have you analyzed your likely return on investment (ROI) and figured that into your budget?

If not, be sure to ask your representative for assistance. We can send you an ROI calculator.

  • Have you considered the economies-of-scale associated with group interactive solutions?

Group oriented products and programs often cost less per person and offer a higher ROI.

  • Have you considered financing as a way to show an immediate ROI?  

  • When do you typically plan your capital budget for this year and the next year?  

  • Are you currently the recipient of, or applying for, any grants? If not, ask your rep for suggestions, including grant templates and for any grants being offered by the equipment supplier itself.

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