Are Marathons And Endurance Training Bad For You?

June 29, 2017

Injuries To Joints

This is a topic that I have discussed with peers, friends and clients for a few years now. Since deciding that for me, long endurance training like marathons is most probably more detrimental to my body than good I have been wary of putting myself through the pain and hours of exercising at 70%+ maximum heart rate. My main reasons for not doing it is to save my joints and injuries that could prevent me from enjoying movement in other sports, playing with kids and generally working!

Marathons And Your Heart

Is this the reason that people should think twice about doing marathons, ultra distance races, and the well renowned Ironman? Well it may appear not. The real reason that we should be most worried about is heart health, even though previously, more has been ‘better’. The possibility that being able to go for longer, doing more might not be the best for your health could potentially upset a few people. Its very precious for some to feel like they can run like forest gump, crossing terrains at high intensity. In the video by Dr. O’Keefe, below he explains why you should think twice. 

Smart, Moderated Exercise

In my opinion, ‘moderation ‘ has been a word that may be deemed as slacking. But ‘Moderation’ actually means being smart about your training, incorporating walking, yoga/flexibility work, meditation, weight training, moving and playing. All of which are true bodybuilding. These all include practice for the mind and should be balanced with a nutrient dense diet. Your heart is a vital organ, it should be treated like one, with rest, exercise, and healthy foods to combat the strains, micro tears and oxidative stress damage.

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