Lack Of Motivation Holding You Back?

June 28, 2017


46% (4-10) find lack of motivation is the main barrier to being healthy, 33% say that lack of money is a problem. Lack of time is stacked up as 31% according to a survey from 2000 adults

Source: Mintel-Healthy Lifestyles

Are you motivated to carry on or start improving your heath and fitness? It's probably the defining factor in keeping our body’s and minds in good condition. Its not just being motivated to start exercising, and in our opinion it’s only a small percentage of the battle.  

Hold on to your healthy habits

We're all susceptible to give up healthy habits if things in life don’t go smoothly, so we need to manage our lifestyles as good as we can to keep thriving, not just surviving.

Here are some tips to stay focused and organised and motivated:

Be Grateful

being grateful for our loved ones, possessions, jobs, and anything else in your life is just as important as the ‘wants’ in your life. We all want more for ourselves, our family and friends, but only when you are grateful for the things you have already will you be truly happy.

Take A Step Back

Take a step back every now and then, ask others, opinions on how they see you are doing, sometimes positive criticism is what it takes to make a change.

Get Organised

Organize your diary with manageable lifestyle activities like exercising, cooking good food, preparing some food for yourself and family to eat together. If there is more than one of you at home, ask them if that fits in with their wants and needs too.

Find Role Models

Model yourself on someone that you have respect for, try looking for people that do things you like, enjoy hearing about and copy some of their traits. There’s nothing wrong with applying what has already been tried and tested, just add your own spin on it.

Train With A Coach Or Friend

Get a coach this way you will stay on track, get advice, have fun with, but be told when you need bit of a kick up the backside! The coach could be a professional one like our team or a friend that has good life experience.

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