Setting up your workplace fitness centre

March 27, 2019

If you are looking into setting up a workplace fitness centre, there are a number of steps that we take with our clients to help guide them towards launching a successful facility and programme.

Is there a need for a staff gym?

We cant see why you wouldn't want one! But is there a need? If you have easy access to local services, it might be a good idea to investigate corporate memberships and public gyms. On the other hand, if your team don't have enough time to get there and back, then having an onsite solution could be worthwhile. It’s also a great way of retaining employees and setting yourselves apart from competition.  Looking into your company HR statistics could indicate towards a need too, you may find that there are high numbers of sick days due to stress, musculoskeletal issues, or other physical related health issues. Creating a facility could help these numbers reduce when incorporated with a wellness programme. to Here are three ideas to look into before the next stage.

  • Look on online maps and look into walking times to and from local facilities.
  • Send out a survey to employees asking if they would like a fitness centre
  • Speak with your HR team to discuss metrics that are worth tracking

What space in your office do you have?

Having space to provide a fitness facility can help your employees find a bit of escapism in their day as well as improving their physical and mental health. If you have a dedicated space, this can be used to zones or areas dedicated to classes, cardiovascular training, functional training and strength and conditioning.

Spaces don’t have to be totally dedicated to fitness, it could be a multi functional area, being split into a yoga, meditation or conference area at other times. With clever and creative space dividers that are have acoustic properties, you could plan a space that has multiple functions.

Once you have decided on the space, you should check the suitability of the following access, wall and Floor Structure, ceiling height, changing facilities, acoustic impact.

Create a business case for your amazing gym idea!

Once you have the initial information back from your surveys, HR Metrics and space reconnaissance, its time to start putting some costs together. You may have a budget already in place or need to create one. If the latter, you can be rest assured that there are many options for commercial grade equipment and many types of set ups that can help you meet your budget and need. You don’t need to do all of the research by yourself, speaking with a consultant can hep you  gain the resources and knowledge that you require to take to the decision makers or if you are the decision maker have the back up from people that have done it before.

Build the gym team

Once you have signed off the project, it’ll be a great idea to create a gym committee full of mega keen people that will help promote and champion the programme. The champions tend to be into exercise themselves so its also good idea to have people that are new to fitness, this will help the balance of the project and bring attention to people that want to make a fresh start. This can really help with moral, imagine how great people will feel if they can have access to a fitness facility at work, it reduces costs for them and time traveling to and from an external gym. Launch the project with a wellness day or a charity event that creates a buzz amongst the team.

Maintain without pain

It’s worthwhile having a service plan put in place which will keep the equipment up and running with preventative maintenance and indicate if there are any issues that need attention. Your facility team could have a workshop as well to enable them to do basic checks and regular maintenance.

Retain and gain

Retaining great staff members is so important for your business, having a well rounded fitness and wellness plan that integrates your team and facility will work best. Looking a bit deeper into the how people want to exercise, relax and move will pay dividends in the future.

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