We provide corporate gym design and installation services for office buildings and workplaces. On-site fitness facilities are a great asset for any office; it encourages your team to take part in healthy activities which can have a plethora of benefits.

We work with you to create a modern multi-use office gym that offers fitness opportunities for everyone in the office. Our design service will ensure that there’s the right balance of equipment and space for people to move around and train together. Here’s how we approach corporate gym design:


What’s the first step in corporate gym design and installation? 

The start of this process entails a free initial consultation. We’ll get to know your workplace, employees and the space that needs transforming into your new fitness facility.  

We’ll then discuss the space requirements with you and confirm operational details such as access points, flooring, wall protection and ceiling structures. If you have a DWG file of the space it can help to speed up the design process, but don’t worry if not; we can arrange for an expert interior space planner to produce this for you.

Designing your office gym space

With all of this information in hand, we’ll begin designing your new office gym. You have the option to include your branding and colour-ways throughout the design, equipment and materials. Alternatively, we can produce a completely bespoke concept to help differentiate the gym space to the office working environment. If your employees have expressed an interest in a specific type of fitness such as yoga, cardiovascular or strength, then we’ll design areas that are suited to different types of exercises with varying equipment inclusions.

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Office gym equipment

We work with leading manufacturers to supply the most up to date fitness equipment for workplace gym spaces. With a variety of cardiovascular, strength, group exercise, functional rigs, walls and compact fitness tools, we can help you to achieve any office gym installation regardless of how ambitious it may be.


Cardiovascular training is a fantastic way to stay in shape and reach fitness goals. Regular cardiovascular training can have many short and long term benefits to the mind and body, such as increased energy and productivity. We have access to an extensive range of cardiovascular equipment for a variety of training types such as HIIT, light exercise and virtual training solutions.

Group indoor cycling

We can provide the latest in indoor cycling equipment from classic exercise bicycles to virtual cycling solutions. Virtual cycling measures the watt output of the user which, when coupled with virtual ride technology, creates an immersive experience that replicates users cycling on real tracks around the world.


Strength equipment is fantastic for people of all ages who need to develop stronger bones, heart and muscle capability. If you’re looking for a personalised solution, equipment such as dumbbells, benches and weight machines can be designed to match your office colours and design.

Functional rigs and walls

Fitness rig and wall solutions are great for office gyms that want to incorporate group training within their facility. These workstations allow for multiple exercise options in a single place, with the added benefit that they can be used for storage if additional space is needed in the gym.

Compact fitness equipment

Compact fitness equipment offers multiple exercise options without taking up too much space. This type of equipment is great for offices that house employees with varying fitness goals and preferences. We have a range of compact training tools such as suspension training, yoga tools, kettlebells, medicine balls to skipping ropes and more.

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Corporate Financing For Office Gyms

We can help you finance your investment in multiple ways including leasing, subsidised models, or outright purchase. Each clients is different so it’s best to speak to us in person to have a personalised solution.


Leasing can help keep initial outlay down and gives the ability to change equipment after the initial term.

Significant tax benefits
Low fixed payment
Spread the cost
Make your capital work
Totally flexible


Purchasing outright will give you an asset and total control of what to do with your solution.

Complete ownership of asset
The ability to sell your asset
Capital allowances claims
No long term agreements

Profit Share

We can work with you to create a great fitness suite and share the profits from a project scheme that includes:

Project managed solution from design to install
Staff recruited by Reinvent
Low cost to set up
Branding and marketing
Totally bespoke


Ongoing Support

Testing, Handover And Supporting Services

The internet connected cardiovascular equipment can provide up to date feedback giving a true picture of how they are performing. This helps with managing the assets, which you can also see when the equipment is being used. We can provide a service plan to help maintain the equipment and make sure its safe to use. Any concerns are raised in a report and sent to you in an easy to understand format.

Gym inductions for employees

Providing employees with the training and know-how on using your new equipment can lead to higher engagement rates across the workforce. Our expert team of coaches can show your team how to execute exercises safely and effectively across the various pieces of equipment you have opted for.

Bespoke training for employees

Bespoke training is offered on a 1-2-1 or small group basis and can be an additional way to improve the health and wellness of staff. We can utilise virtual fitness technology to schedule sessions for your team, create personalised fitness programmes, nutrition advice, challenges, group training and much more. 

Are you looking for something different?

Corporate Wellness Services

We can help you finance your investment in multiple ways including leasing, subsidised models, or outright purchase. Each client is different so it’s best to speak to us in person to have a personalised solution.

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Gym inductions
Body metrics
Personal training
Group exercise
Group challenges
Nutrition consultations
Group seminars


Online fitness programmes
Online fitness classes
Digital challenges
Online nutrition coaching
Meditation sessions
Wellness webinars
Online lifestyle education