We provide corporate gym design and installation for businesses across the UK and Europe. You want your team at their best, fit and healthy and firing on all cylinders. You'd like to create a modern multi-use gym where there's something for everyone, with the right balance of equipment and enough room for people to move around and train together. You’ve come to the right place.

Designing A Corporate Gym – Where To Start?

Getting input from your employees is an important step of designing your corporate gym. After our initial free consultation, we work with you to survey your employees. We’ll include questions about their current exercise habits, their wants and their needs. We’ll then discuss the space requirements with you, access details, flooring, wall and ceiling structures.  If you have a DWG file of the space we can begin planning straight away, but don’t worry if not, we can arrange for one of our expert interior space planners to visit the site and measure up.


Employee gym design

With all of this information in hand we’ll start the design process. We can design your corporate gym with your branding and colours integrated into the equipment and materials, or create a completely bespoke concept so your employees can enjoy a bit of escapism. If your employees want a space that incorporates the boutique trend then we can create yoga and meditation areas, or include a mixture of cardiovascular and strength equipment. We can help design the perfect workout space for your people.

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Gym Equipment Supply And Installation

With access to leading manufacturers, we supply the most up to date fitness equipment to our clients, including cardiovascular, strength, group exercise, functional rigs, walls and compact fitness tools.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular training is a great way to keep fit, stay in shape and reach your performance goals. We have access to the largest range of cardiovascular equipment meaning that we can meet your company gym requirements, from HIIT specific equipment to being able to walk or jog virtually with employees in other locations, we can help your employees stay engaged in your employee wellness programme.

Gym Equipment

Group Indoor Cycling

We can provide the latest in indoor cycling equipment that measures the watt output of the cyclist, this can then be interacted with through virtual ride technology, letting the user experience rides from around the world.

Strength Equipment

Strength equipment helps people from all ages stay fit and strong, with the ability to create personalised dumbbells, benches and upholstery on modern weights machines, we can give you a truly bespoke system.

Functional Rigs And Walls

Creating a space that works for  groups as well as personal workouts is easier than ever, with our range of fitness rig and wall solutions. Rigs and Wall solutions area a fantastic way of creating multiple exercise options and double up as storage, creating more room and a multi functional spaces.

Compact Fitness Equipment

With the rise of body weight and compact training tools like suspension training, yoga tools, kettle bells, medicine balls to skipping ropes and more, we can make sure your employees won't get bored ever again in their workouts!

Corporate Financing For Gyms

We can help you finance your investment in multiple ways including leasing, subsidised models, or outright purchase. Each clients is different so it’s best to speak to us in person to have a personalised solution.


Leasing can help keep initial outlay down and gives the ability to change equipment after the initial term.

Significant tax benefits
Low fixed payment
Spread the cost
Make your capital work
Totally flexible


Purchasing outright will give you an asset and total control of what to do with your solution.

Complete ownership of asset
Lower overall cost vs leasing
The ability to sell your asset
Capital allowances claims
No long term agreements


Offering many ways of providing your solution, including employee subsidised or opening to external companies.

Complete service bundles
Low cost to start
Flexible offerings
Make your capital work
Totally bespoke
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Gym Installation For Business

Before we start installing your gym, we’ll survey the site for the best route for the gym installation. Once agreed we’ll make sure we have enough floor and wall protection to deliver the equipment safely. The equipment will be built in place according to the plan and will create a snag report as we go. We aim for 100% snag free, but if there are any issues that arise we’ll sort it for you.


The internet connected cardiovascular equipment can provide up to date feedback giving a true picture of how they are performing. This helps with managing the assets, which you can also see when the equipment is being used. We can provide a service plan from as little as £250 per year to help maintain the equipment and make sure its safe to use. Any concerns are raised in a report and sent to you in an easy to understand format.

Ongoing Support

Testing, Handover And Supporting Services

Once installed, we then test the equipment for safety and make sure it is all up and running efficiently. A free introduction session is available for the facilities team to understand how to maintain the equipment, how to report any issues and clean with suitable resources.

Gym Induction For Employees

In our opinion it's wise for your employees to have an induction on how to use the equipment. Our expert team of coaches can show your employees how to execute exercises safely and effectively as each piece of equipment has a variety of safety and programming features.

Bespoke Training For Employees

Bespoke training can be provided on a 1-2-1 or small group basis, with the latter making it very cost effective. Modern technology can be provided to enable scheduling of sessions, individual fitness programmes, nutrition advice, challenges, groups and much more.

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Corporate Wellness Services

We can help you finance your investment in multiple ways including leasing, subsidised models, or outright purchase. Each clients is different so it’s best to speak to us in person to have a personalised solution.

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Gym inductions
Body metrics
Personal training
Group exercise
Group challenges
Nutrition consultations
Group seminars


Online fitness programmes
Online fitness classes
Digital challenges
Online nutrition coaching
Meditation sessions
Wellness webinars
Online lifestyle education