HOME GYM Equipment Solutions

Home gym designs have moved forward faster than any other type of fitness facility. Why? They’re fuelled by your imagination.

Bespoke Gym Design

Nothing’s out of the question. Tell us what your vision is and we’ll do our best to bring your home gym to life. Want to replicate a pro boxer’s gym? Nice. Prefer to create a holistic sanctuary you can escape to? Sounds amazing. Share your ideas with us and we’ll do the rest.

Designing A Home Gym

You’ve probably already got some ideas of what you’d like in your bespoke gym, but even if you haven't, speaking to our expert gym designers will spark your imagination. We know fitness equipment - what’s best to reach your goals and how much space it all needs – together we can create your bespoke gym.

Home Gym

How Much Space Do You Need?

The more space you have for your home gym the more possibilities there are, but even with a small space we can create something special.

Designing A Gym Around Your Goals

We don’t want to just sell you some kit - we want to help you reach your goals - so understanding your training objectives is crucial. We’ll listen to you, understand your targets and challenges, so we can build something that’s just for you.

Designing Your Bespoke Gym

The more space you have for your home gym the more possibilities there are, but even with a small space we can create something special.

Contact one of our expert gym designers... Call us on 01462 429 771 or email info@reinventlifestyle.co.uk

Home Gym Equipment

From treadmills and multigyms to yoga mats and wearable tech, we can provide everything you need to hit your fitness goals. With the rise of home fitness programmes, we can provide you with free weights, kettlebells and mats to get the most out of your conditioning.

Our equipment partners

From our years of experience in the fitness industry, we’ve built up relationships with the best manufacturers, including Lifefitness, Technogym, Escape Fitness, IronKing, WaterRower, Norhd, Gym Gear and Lifemaxx.

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Home Gym Installation

Once the planning is complete, the equipment selected and you’re happy, we’ll get to work.

Space Remodelling

Often home gym installations aren’t just a case of supplying and installing kit, and the space we’re using may need remodelling or decorating. We can work with your chosen tradespeople or recommend a partner to get the room ready for the new arrivals.


Equipment Installation

As soon as the space is ready we’ll deliver and install the kit, being careful to cause as little disruption as possible. Our gym installation team are suckers for detail and will make sure that your new escape is in perfect working order before handing it over to you.

Home Gym Hand Over And Training Plans

We don’t stop there. As we said before, we want to help you reach your goals, and our team of trainers will build you bespoke training plans that are customised around your new home gym and your personal goals.


All of our equipment comes with warranties from the manufacturers, but many of our clients opt to take out our aftercare service. This includes regular servicing of your equipment and management of any issues if they come up.

Images on this page courtesy of our suppliers - TrainingWall | WaterRower | Norhd | Lifefitness

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