Hospital Gym Design & Equipment Supply

We’ve been working with mental health trusts for 8 years, supplying equipment and providing services to help their service users to keep active while on site in the acute wards. For us, it’s not just a business relationship, it’s a partnership with a common goal of helping people stay physically active  and to improve their mental health with non medicinal means.

Designing a hospital gym – where to start?

To start designing the fitness space, we need to begin with assessing the needs and requirements for your service users. It’s a community thing. We realise that every ward has different clientele and will have a community meeting. We will visit to discuss with the community what physical activities they would like to engage in and input the data into a survey to help the steering group make the right choice in the project.


Hospital gym designer

Initially we will measure the site to make sure we have the correct dimensions, data and electricity points. To help you see what it will look like, we can provide a 3D visualisation and video walkthrough of the space, this can include the wall graphics, mirrors and flooring design. We will help you assess the ligature risk, access points and provide advice on safety.

Gym equipment supply

With access to leading manufacturers, we aim to provide a safe effective solution that has excellent safety features, easy to use controls on cardio equipment, high quality strength equipment, accessories such as yoga mats, blocks and meditation cushions. We also specialise in gamification of exercise with interactive solutions to engage people that aren’t motivated or initially interested in gym style exercise training.

Gym Equipment
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Gym installation for your mental health hospital

We will survey your site for the best route for the gym installation and then once agreed make sure we have enough floor and wall protection if required to deliver the equipment safely. The equipment will be built in place according to the plan and create a snag report, we aim for 100% snag free, but if there are any issues that arise we will sort it for you.

Ongoing Support

Testing, handover and supporting services

After we have installed, we will test the equipment and issue a safety checklist and manuals for your staffs own perusal.  In our experience, providing the staff with education on how to use the equipment safely is advisable, your team will feel more engaged in the new changes and have the benefit of gaining advice from our team master trainers.

Maintenance and service

To give you peace of mind, we can provide periodical safety checks to maintain the equipment and fix any issues that arise. Service plans can be low cost but give great value in extending the life of the equipment.

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