Hospital Gym Design, Installation and Equipment

We have been working with hospitals and health trusts for over 8 years, supplying fitness equipment and lending our services. We can create the environment and offer the ongoing support needed to ensure staff and patients are engaging in physical exercise. We view all hospital gym projects as a partnership in which we help people to stay physically active and improve their physical and mental health through non-medicinal means.

Types of hospitals

Our experience in hospital gym installation projects means that we’re able to offer our services to a variety of hospital types. If you have the need and space, we’ll find a solution for you. Here are the types of hospitals that commonly benefit from gym installations for their staff and patients.

  1. Public NHS hospitals - often public hospital gyms are available for use by staff members of that hospital. They can be a great way to reward their employees with discounted/free memberships.
  2. Privately run hospitals - private hospitals may need gym facilities so that they can provide complementary therapies such as physiotherapy services.
  3. Psychiatric hospitals - psychiatric hospitals that have patients suffering from mental health diseases may offer physical treatment alongside medicinal as part of their patients’ treatment plan. We take careful consideration over features such as floor and wall protection.

Would you benefit from a gym in your hospital?

A hospital gym can be an exciting feature of varying hospital types with different goals. Whether it’s for your staff, patients or a combination of both, an onsite fitness facility can help to achieve the goals of hospital institutions.

Preventative care

Preventative care techniques aim to treat patients in a way that reduces the likelihood of illnesses arising. Due to the short and long term effects exercise has, physical activity is a fantastic way to combat the onset of both physical and mental illnesses.

Attract staff & patients

Many hospitals compete with one another when trying to attract medical professionals. Private hospitals also need to offer superior facilities and services than their competitors to attract private care patients. A high-quality onsite gym can be a great way to attract new staff and patients if they’re able to access the facilities.

Opportunity to offer new treatment

Not all medical conditions are solved solely through medical or surgical treatment. Aftercare and physiotherapy services open up the choice for your patients and allow any hospital to offer an extended range of treatments. It can be a fantastic way to boost profit and the level of care available.

Hospital gym design - where do we start?

Initially, we will measure your site to ensure we have the dimensions, data and electricity points. We’ll discuss with you about who will be using the gym, the type of fitness options you’d like to offer and whether there is any equipment you require to provide specific health treatment or services. We’ll produce a 3D mock-up and video walkthrough of the proposed design so that you can view the features such as wall graphics, mirrors, flooring design and get a look and feel of the space. The end result is a gym design that is both feasible given your space and one that achieves the needs of your hospital.

Gym Equipment Supply

We provide a safe and effective solution for gym equipment needs, only providing high-quality equipment from the leading manufacturers. Choose from equipment with excellent safety designs, easy to use controls, advanced strength training and a range of accessories such as yoga mats, blocks and meditation cushions. Whatever the goal of your hospital gym is, we’ll have an equipment solution to match. We also offer specialist equipment that is geared towards the rehabilitation of patients and interactive solutions that are great for engaging people who are otherwise unmotivated to complete gym-style exercise training.

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Testing, Handover And Supporting Services

Following our installation, we will carry out a thorough risk assessment and issue a safety checklist and manuals for your personal records. In our experience, educating staff on how to use the equipment safely is advisable; your team will feel more engaged and confident with the equipment, and they’ll have the benefit of receiving advice from our team of master trainers. We aim for a 100% snag-free installation, and you’ll be provided with a snag report upon the completion of a project.

Maintenance and aftercare

To give you peace of mind, we can provide periodic safety checks to maintain the equipment and fix any issues that arise. Service plans can be low cost but give excellent value in extending the life of the equipment and gym space.

Ongoing management services

Our mission is to help businesses create a health and wellbeing program for their stakeholders. Hospital gym design and installation is the first step to this, but it may be worthwhile to consider how you’ll continue to utilise the equipment after project completion. We can provide you with trained fitness professionals and virtual training solutions. This helps to create a guided training structure for gym users, as well as ensuring the equipment is being used to its full potential.

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