Gyms for Later Living developments

We provide the entire solution for later living gym design and installation throughout Europe. Offering your residents the opportunity to engage in a variety of physical activities can be a fantastic way to prevent medical complications and improve already-existing conditions. We offer specialist equipment that is suitable for later living residents, regular safety and staff training. If you also require a trained fitness instructor and training program for your residents, we can provide all of this, giving you all of the tools to get up and running straight away.

Special considerations for the elderly

Later living facilities are often home to residents at the later stages of their lives that suffer from mobility issues and health complications. Every later living gym installation needs to cater for a range of medical requirements, and be inclusive of machinery that will support the development of their physical ability. Nurses provide a fantastic service to ensure the patient’s needs are met, and by also offering fitness facilities, the care a patient receives can be even further improved.

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What are the benefits of a gym in a later living facility?

Physical exercise is an important part of everyone's lives, regardless of their age or health. However, as we get older, it’s even more essential that we stay active. If your later living facility does not already offer exercise classes, or you’re finding it difficult to engage your residents, then you could benefit from the introduction of an on-site gym and planned fitness program. Exercise can have a multitude of benefits for your residents, and as a result, improve their quality of life and reduce the symptoms of their medical conditions.


Many studies have shown that later living residents experience severe loneliness, with over 80% of mental health suffers admitting that more time with staff would improve their state of mind*. A later living gym is an opportunity for residents to engage in an activity, not necessarily just with staff, but also with other people taking part. If your staff aren’t able to offer this service, then we can offer highly trained fitness professionals who can conduct both individual and group sessions.


Fitness activities help to maintain the blood flow needed to keep our brains healthy. Many studies are being conducted to understand dementia, and so far, exercise is being utilised for its role in both reducing the risk of developing dementia as well as helping those already affected. If your later living home houses sufferers of dementia, offering regular opportunities to exercise can help to ease symptoms of their condition, and help them keep their mind busy as well as offering a change in routine.

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Later living gym Design

Every later living gym project we take on starts with an initial free consultation. We’ll get to know you, your residents, the space the project will take place in, and any unique considerations we should include within our design. This stage can also be a great way to get your residents involved with the process. Is there any equipment they’d like to use, or any that they would find particularly useful given their medical condition? We’ll be on hand to advise and make recommendations based on our experience of what makes a great later living gym.

Specialist equipment

Some equipment is more suited towards medical conditions than others. After the initial consultation, we’ll get to work on designing what your new later living gym could look like. We have access to a range of equipment that is suited to your residents' medical needs, such as seated machines and assisted fitness stations.

Later living gym installation

After the design has been confirmed, we’ll commence the project and bring your new space to life. We offer an entirely professional service and we’re committed to completing every installation within good time.

Preventative Care

Preventative care, that being actions that help to reduce the likelihood of health complications in the future, can be a great asset for any later living facility. Due to the benefits of exercise, your residents will be healthier and less likely to encounter additional health problems if they’re taking part in regular fitness activities.

Additional services

After installation and conducting equipment tests, we’ll provide you with informative manuals to ensure your staff have all of the safety information they need. Educating your team on how to use the equipment and their features is a core part of our service; they’ll feel more comfortable using it and engaging your residents in physical activity.

You also have the option for regular safety checks where we’ll make sure the equipment is working correctly and is being maintained to a safe standard. Regular check-ups increase the longevity of your equipment, and we offer low-cost plans as an add-on to our installation projects.

Financing your gym

We can help you finance your investment in multiple ways including leasing, subsidised models, or outright purchase. Each clients is different so it’s best to speak to us in person to have a personalised solution.

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