Founded in 2010 with roots in the fitness industry, Reinvent Lifestyle has the expertise and desire to help busy individuals, their employers and healthcare providers, improve their bodies and minds with high quality wellness programmes, fitness products and services.

Our Journey

We began our journey by providing wellness schemes to the NHS and health care organisations, helping them combat the rise of mental health issues through non-medicinal means. Whilst a great success, we realised that the fitness facilities and wellness programs and  were only being used after problems had developed and did nothing in respect of prevention. Wanting to tackle the issue at source, we started offering our solutions to corporates and individuals, leading to us now providing a range of bespoke employee wellness services to people and businesses across the UK and Europe.

Our Aim

We have partnered leading fitness manufacturers, personal trainers, performance coaches and nutrition experts and are now aiming to reach as many individuals as possible to help them Reinvent themselves with optimal programmes and products.  We are working with people in workplaces, hospitals, commerical orginisations, homes and now digitally to help people not only survive in the modern world, but thrive!

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