Workplace Gym Design & Installation

Slough, United Kingdom

Corporate Client

New Client

We were contacted by a corporate company based in Slough to help them with the specification of gym equipment, layout and flooring.

The Brief

The space is in a brand new building that meets the latest Well Standards. The company wanted to provide their employees with a facility that helps with them maintain their wellbeing while at work, hence having a workplace gym being a key cog in their offering.

The requirement was for the high grade commercial fitness equipment to have internet and DVB tuners built into the cardiovascular equipment with a variety of free weights and functional fitness accessories.

The Space

To help the staff understand how to use the equipment we provided 8 days of inductions by our Master Fitness Coaches. Below is a Summery of what the induction includes.

Induction summary

The trainer will provide full explanations of the following

Cardio Equipment - Treadmills, Recumbent cycle and flex strider How to warm up effectively with mobility, pulse raising and dynamic stretching How to use the Cardio Equipment - Treadmills, Recumbent cycle and flex strider.

  • How to safely and effectively use the free-weights
  • How to safely and effectively use the suspension training kits 
  • How to cool-down and basic stretching

Cardio Equipment 

Lifefitness Elevation SE3 HD Treadmill

Safely use the treadmill and how to programme it for quickstart, hill training, and lifescape courses. The coach will also show main safety features and how to stop in event of emergency.

Lifefitness Elevation SE3 HD Recumbent Cycle

Safely use the Recumbent cycle with the programmes integrated as above.

Lifefitness Elevation SE3 HD Flex Strider

Safely use the flex strider with safe effective technique with small to large strides. 



The new SE3HD console has a new user interface, you can see it in the below videos 



Courses & Run Social


LF Connect User App

Users can download the Lf Connect App by going to: 

IOS : 

Android :

Resistance Training

1. Deadlift from floor with dumbbells and safe lifting from the rack 

2. Lunge with and without dumbbells 

3. Shoulder press with dumbbells 

4. Flat chest press with dumbbells

5. 1 Arm row with dumbbell 

6. Lateral raise with dumbbell

Suspension Training

Suspension Row 


Suspension Push


Suspension Pike up



In the gym there are a range of accessories, from swiss balls to foam rollers, stretch objects and more which are shown in depth at the question and answer time at teh end of each induction.

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