Training Wall


Training Wall

Training Wall® is a piece of sports equipment for your fitness club that coordinates and balances simultaneously the working out of the upper and lower extremities. This implies a powerful work out for the stabilizing muscles of the trunk which will help maintain proper body alignment at all times, but unlike other training systems,  work out is produced in a state of decompression of the spine’s joints and no compression due to its permanent traction of the upper limb.

The Concept

The fitness concept Training Wall® offers 100% functional work, from the soles of the feet to the palms of the hand, through the forearm muscles, stabilizers of the spine, abdomen, hip muscles, gluteals, etc… the whole body must be in perfect harmony to perform the exercise properly.

Multiple Attachment Options

Moreover, Training Wall® panels have a quick-release anchor system to attach the Tools designed exclusively for use with the wall. With this equipment and its tools you have space that meets all your training needs in “zero” square meters, allowing you to design multi-purpose spaces that can be useful  for activities, personal training centres, physiotherapy clinics or rehabilitation centres.

High Quality Materials

The fitness club equipment Training Wall® is built with high quality materials creating a solid structure while at the same time offering an attractive design that allows it to be placed wherever.

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