Gyms for educational facilities

Offering a well equipped and accessible gym within an educational facility is a fantastic way to engage students in physical exercise. We provide the full solution for any school, college or university with a space that they need transforming into a state of the art gym. We understand the unique requirements of educational facilities and work these considerations into our design process, and offer a professional and hassle-free installation service. If you need ongoing support or an on-site trainer, we can manage your educational gym after installation. This can help to engage your students and ensure you're offering a fitness service that supports their physical development.

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Bespoke gym design for educational facilities

We know that space can be limited for schools, colleges and universities. After conducting a site visit, we'll propose a design that is best suited to your space, taking into account the needs of your school. If your school only has a small area but a need for fitness stations or gym equipment, get in touch, and we'd be happy to advise you. We'll let you know what your realistic options are and the best equipment depending on your intended usage.

Our approach to educational gyms

Education facilities have unique requirements for their gyms. The equipment on offer can be used to supplement a rich sports curriculum, offer an alternative means of physical education for students and instil students with the confidence to use the equipment on their own. We take all of this into account during the design stage, and we're available to support you post-installation to ensure you're able to engage your students effectively.


Schools are mostly made up of under 18-year-old students. A school gym needs to provide equipment that both the teaching staff are comfortable to supervise, and the students to use. Offering a variety of fitness options can be extremely beneficial to a school. Not all pupils enjoy the same activities, and by offering an on-site gym, you're opening up the possibilities for them to try new types of sports. For many school children, they may not yet have the means to purchase a gym membership. The availability of a free, or cheap school gym membership may be the deciding factor in getting them to exercise regularly. It's up to the school to decide how much time to set aside for physical education, but by offering facilities such as a gym, you're increasing the likelihood that students will stay active outside of teaching hours.


Colleges are usually the next step students take after school. Bearing this in mind, college students will have had more exposure to sporting activities and be more confident in exercising without supervision, opening the door to more specialised equipment. Offering a college gym can also be a fantastic way to attract new students to your campus. Students may see it as the deciding factor when considering their options to study after leaving school. A well-equipped college gym may also be a necessity to offer specific courses. For example, personal training courses, fitness coaching courses and physiotherapy. Fitness courses that require practical assignments involving fitness activities can all benefit from an on-site gym and increase the scope of courses you can offer to prospective students.

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University campus

University students are often those who have completed college education and are looking for a degree in a specialised subject area. This type of student is different as they're now adults, more independent than school goers, more confident at using the equipment and therefore, the gym design should represent this. A university gym can be a great stream of additional income, but it will be competing with other corporate gyms in the local area. To stand a chance, a university gym needs to offer everything it's students expects from a regular gym. With the right equipment and design, this can be achieved. A university gym can be great to attract prospective students, it enables you to offer qualifications and it'll improve the overall health of your students and staff.

Student accommodation

Incorporating the installation of an on-site gym for university accommodation and student halls can be an excellent way to benefit from a shared income stream. Gym facilities can be an attractive amenity for potential residents, and it helps to promote an active healthy lifestyle. Halls of residence come in a variety of designs depending on the site available. We work with architects and building planners to design boutique gyms that are suitable for all spaces. We can provide you with high-quality equipment coupled with an attractive design, as well as ongoing management services such as on-site staff and digital training schemes.

What are the benefits of an on-site gym for educational facilities?

  1. It promotes physical activity which can boost the health of your students and staff (if given access), reducing the days they take off sick.
  2. It helps your students get into a routine of fitness, which can benefit them in the short-term and long term if they continue.
  3. Physical activity helps the development of our brains, increasing the student's ability to concentrate, process information and heighten energy levels.
  4. They can be a great way to combat the onset and symptoms of mental health diseases.
  5. An on-site gym opens the door to different types of physical activity, which helps engage students that otherwise don't have an interest in the sports on offer.
  6. Gym sessions can be a fantastic community activity for students as it benefits from group sessions and partnering up, helping to develop relationships within the educational facility.

Are you looking for something different?

Funding for your educational gym facility

We can help you finance your investment in multiple ways, including leasing, shared revenue schemes, or outright purchase. Each client is different, so it's best to speak to us in person to have a personalised solution.


Leasing can help keep initial outlay down and gives the ability to change equipment after the initial term.

Significant tax benefits
Low fixed payment
Spread the cost
Make your capital work
Totally flexible


Purchasing outright will give you an asset and total control of what to do with your solution.

Complete ownership of asset
The ability to sell your asset
Capital allowances claims
No long term agreements

Profit Share

We can work with you to create a great fitness suite and share the profits from a project scheme that includes:

Project managed solution from design to install
Staff recruited by Reinvent
Low cost to set up
Branding and marketing
Operation management
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